Who am I?

I'm a student, a big fan of learning, and someone with many experiences. I've dabbled into music, science, math philosophy, literature, film, and psychaitry.

Heres some hobbies I've had, both former and present: painting, playing the tenor saxophone, creative writing, reading, poetry, downhill skiing, mycology (study of fungi) taekwondo, fishkeeping, and general research. For a few years of my life I was in an audition-only Jazz band that gave me glimpse of what a formal music career is like.

I have lived experience in the mental health system and have many opinions about psychopharmacology, psychiatric hospitalization, and different therapy modalities. I’ll probably mention this a lot in the infodump section as psychiatry/psychology is a young field and there are a lot of different opinions to be had on it. It definitely holds my interest and I plan to have a career relevant to this field.

I like an assortment of different music genres from folk punk to shoegaze. I also appreciate any movie or book that has a meaning. In the movies and books section I’ll talk more about my favourite media, why it’s impacted me, and if I recommend the movie/book. My inspirations for writing are mainly horror writers such as Stephen King and John Saul, although I haven’t written much recently.

I’m an Ashkenazi Jew, although somewhat distanced from my culture due to the diaspora. Growing up part of the only Jewish family in my area was a unique but unpleasant experience that definitely influenced the way I view the world. Perhaps I’ll write about the feeling of disconnect to ones culture, and the feeling of isolation I feel around other, more connected Jews.

The best words to describe me would be curious and observant. And since you’re on this page I hope you are too. Let’s see what we can learn together.